Why so long between posts?

Well, because it’s hot, damn hot, and hotter than hell down here in Texas! And…I’m not mincing words either! Tomorrow, we go past the record of 69 days of triple digits set way back in 1925. And I can tell you for sure, that according to forecasts, we are going to go WAY past that record! There is just no relief in site.

So, what does that have to do with photography? Well, for a landscape guy – everything is brown and dead or dying and if you do any urban work – 105 to 110 in the shade becomes 135-140 on the pavement! It just drains the life out of you. I miss the winter in the Adirondacks! There – I’ve gone and said it. No, not the 30 below day that we had LAST winter – but I’ll take anything from minus 10 to 20 above without any complaint EVER again!

I did get out to Lockhart Texas for lunch this weekend and stepped out around the downtown to shoot JUST a bit. Some great wall murals and one of the most fantastic courthouses in Texas.

2 Responses to “Why so long between posts?”

  1. Joyce Batty says:

    Love your Lockhart photos. Their BBQ is good, too.

  2. David Warner says:

    You are right! We did check out one bbq place – pretty good, but we were also checking out some artwork. Place was closed though!

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