Float planes in the Adirondacks

I think one of the coolest aircraft to watch land are float planes. One day I was just lucky enough to be standing on the shore of a lake, when one circled overhead and came in for a landing. Even better than that, was the fact that he taxied over and tied up almost right in front of me! Didn’t even have to work hard to get to the location to get the shot I was looking for.

This was the first autumn that I was up in the Adirondacks and this wasn’t REALLY in the Adirondack Park, but south of there in Cooperstown. The location was Glimmerglass State Park, and what a beautiful lake it is. My wife, brother and sister-in-law were just spending the day walking and shooting foliage.

I’m going to have to admit to taking a LOT of artistic license with this image because I had something very clear in my mind. The beach turned out great, the aircraft perfect, the water just fantastic. However, the foliage was too far away and muted for what I really wanted to see. So, digital tools to the rescue to give me back what my mind’s eye saw. In fact, I had something even more artist in mind when I was thinking of this image and working on it the other day, and that result is shown to the right.

The float plane’s days in the Adirondacks are numbered, as more and more regulations are popping up to ban their flight into the areas lakes. But for now, all of us get one more chance to enjoy the experience for JUST a little longer, with images like these.

2 Responses to “Float planes in the Adirondacks”

  1. Joyce Batty says:

    Great shot. I love the artistic license you took. I so miss the fall colors.

  2. David Warner says:

    I miss them as well! Guess that’s why I’m going back and working on some images that I just never got the time to work on up there. Can’t wait to head up at the end of September to get new material!

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