Austin at Night

Last weekend, I also ventured out to shoot Austin at sunset and then on into the evening for my Austin on Metal series. I wanted to get the skyline again, but start bringing in some of that fantastic twilight blue, then all of the colors on the buildings.

I had just a fantastic evening, walking around, seeing all the people out in the parks and on the streets, along the river and up on several bridges. Must have walked about three miles with all the gear, but it was worth it. Here are four of my favorite shots from the evening.

Top left is a beautiful park area with a nice pond just south of the Long Center for the Performing Arts. First one below left is from close to the same spot, but moving in towards the downtown skyline. The center one was taken from the Lamar Street bridge (which says emergency use only – I know why! It’s a VERY narrow spot to stand with a tripod with all the traffic whizzing by). The final one below and right is of the Long Center that I mentioned earlier. They had some kind of event going on, but there was some fantastic lighting that I was able to take advantage of.

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