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The winner is – Joe Mooch

(C) David Warner StudioI had an invitation from horse owner P. J. Harris to meet in what they call the Paddock area right before his horse – Joe Mooch – was going to race. It’s pretty cool really. They ring a bell seven times, which tells everyone it’s time to get ready for the race. The horses come in and warm up a bit, then they get their gear on for the jockey, the jockey comes in and talks with the trainer and gets last minute tips, then he or she mounts the horse, parades around the paddock for all the owners and spectators to see, and then they are down the walkway of champions and onto the track. In the meantime, I raced to the finish line so that I’d be in place for the end of the race.

This was a ‘claiming race’ and while I’m not sure of the specifics of what that really means yet, P. J. was a bit nervous over it. The horses warmed up on the track for a bit, got into the starting gate and they were off.  As they rounded turn four and raced for home, Joe Mooch started to really kick it in and by the finish line, he had won by a nose.  It was great to not only be invited into the owners area, but to be there when that particular horse actually won.  It was over so quickly, it was almost like it hadn’t happened, but it had, and after a bit of jubilation, P. J. was off to deal with the ‘claim’ part of it.

(C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio

High School Football

HSFootballCoverWell, it’s high school football season again and a couple of months ago, The Recorder sports staff asked me to come up with a cover concept for this years issue.  I had several ideas, and two weeks ago went out and shot some of them with the Amsterdam team. Had to wait an hour for the kids to move over from practice for their shoot, but I think it was worth it.  The trick is using several off-camera flash units.  I wish I could have gotten the guys to look a bit meaner, but this is the best they could give me.

We printed the 24 page insert today, the cover of which is at the top of this post and below is the original photo and two other concepts.

(C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio

Another weekend at the Saratoga Race Course

(C) David Warner StudioSpent the third weekend in a row at the Saratoga Race Course taking pictures of the horses. This weekend was the big one – the Travers – a 1.25 million dollar purse. And of course, a couple of my shots made the paper. One being a tragic one as the number two horse (about 30 seconds after this shot was made – third horse from the right) stumbled and broke its leg in front of the grandstand. The injuries were so severe that they had to put the horse down. His name was Ludicrous – it was his first race and the owners had spent $770,000 on the horse. The jockey jumped clear, so he was fine, but for all of the horse lovers in the crowd, it was a tragic moment.

(C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio

Another day at the Saratoga Race Track

(C) David Warner StudioOK, I’m not a betting man, so in my spare time, I am not cozying up to the betting window and wagering what’s left over from my paycheck. No, I’m working on a documentary about horse racing and horse ownership.  It’s an idea that sprang up a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m straining to get my stills images and ‘b’ roll footage finished before the season of racing ends on Labor Day.

So, I’ll tease a few of the images that I like from Saturday’s shoot – once again compliments of my friend Kevin Mattison, who has been very giving when it comes to his time in educating me and giving me access.

(C) David Warner Studio(C) David Warner Studio Saratoga-0681


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