Time of Year Again

(C) David Warner StudioIt’s that time of year again – no, not allergy season – baseball season!  The local teams are pretty interesting and when I’m given the chance to shoot something different like this, I’ll take it.  So, when the Amsterdam Mohawks are playing an away game in Little Falls against the DiamondDawgs, I get to cover the away games for  The Recorder.

It’s really fun, because it’s a different type of shooting and I think it keeps you sharp. Let’s face it, going out into the woods and looking for the perfect landscape, or shooting a wedding are very different than hearing ‘play ball’ and ducking those foul balls along the sidelines!

(C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio

Summer time images

(C) David Warner StudioWell, everyone says it’s summer, but 40 degrees this morning and a fire to take the chill off in the house convince me that it’s not here yet! However, the day turned out to be just beautiful and on the way home, I saw these Canada Geese and their babies. So, I went all the way home, picked up Deborah and the camera (not in that order) and headed back down to where they were hanging out.  Had a lot of fun walking around this little pond while they gave me the stink eye, but I did manage to get a few nice shots.

They when I got home, this butterfly had an obsession with these flowers where he stayed for about 10 minutes. Kept the same long lens on to shoot him and got a couple of really nice shots as well. All in all, not a bad day.

(C) David Warner Studio

Photographing some plein air painters

(C) David Warner StudioJohn Cosby and Joe Paquet, two nationally known plein air (open air) artists, have been traveling some of the roughest areas of the Northeast for over five years now in an attempt to capture the industrial roadside of America. Last week, that journey put them in two different locations – painting the same structure from different angles – in Little Falls.

Kevin Mihaly with the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts had given me a heads-up on their visit, so I swung by and talked to John for about an hour the first day. Well, I was hooked on their Rust and Roadsides project, so I made an appointment to visit them the next day.

I did a podcast interview with them, shot some pictures, and wrote a feature story for Art in the Adirondacks website, which you can find here.  Really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more of their work!

(C) David Warner Studio(C) David Warner Studio(C) David Warner Studio

Mud Season

(C) David Warner StudioEveryone says that mud season is just plain ugly – no real landscape images to capture, so just wait for the trees and flowers to come out! Well, last weekend, Deborah and I were up in Saranac Lake to give a presentation to the Saranack Lake Artworks group.  We did that Saturday night and then Sunday, we had some time to play.

We went into Lake Placid, then took the long way home through Keene, down towards the Lake George area, back over to Speculator and then home.  While things were stark in some areas, I think we were both surprised with just how beautiful some areas were, even with some snow here and there and more mud than snow in many locations. It still was just beautiful, so here are just a few of the images that I took.

(C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio (C) David Warner Studio

Video interview from last year

Last year, I had decided to make an IOS app for David Warner Studio that would have some of my images, my podcast interviews with other photographers and filmmakers from LensFlare35, bio, contact catalog etc. – all in one spot! Well, Apple rejected the app saying the audience was ‘too narrow’. Guess I’m not a famous enough photographer! I had all but forgotten that I had done a video interview for the app and I just happened upon it yesterday – realizing that I had never used it, nor placed it online…nobody had ever seen it! So, with that it mind, here  is the intro and the video.

Achieving artistic balance between technical expertise and creative interpretation often is as much about the person behind the lens as it is the object or person in front of it. This short video is about the perspective, insights and creative style that I’ve developed over the course of 30 years. Each photographer has a different story to share. This is my story…

David Warner Studio from David E Warner on Vimeo.


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