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2014 Dolgeville Violet Festival

2014DolgevilleVioletFestivalHad a great time attending and shooting the Dolgeville 16th anniversary Violet Festival.  On Friday night, received a plaque from the Violet Festival Committee for “your many years of technical services for the Dolgeville Violet Festival Parade.”  VERY nice plaque!

So, I collected my images, wrote a story and had it run in the Courier Standard Enterprise, which is a paper just east Dolgeville, published by Port Jackson Media, LLC (where I’m the Chief Technology Officer).


(C) David Warner StudioIt’s really great to get to do an engagement portrait. In this case, the couple’s family sent me their photo (which was taken by another photographer) to ‘work my magic’ on.  I decided to use my normal mix of brushes to get the desired effect, but for the end product…I felt that they might want a more contemporary look.

So, I decided to have the final piece Modern. Edgy. Beautiful. Doing it as a brushed aluminum metal print to show off the painted effect in a unique way. A coat of opaque white ink is added to the metal surface and then the image is printed on top. It’s then printed on a 1″ deep brushed aluminum box that is ready to hang.

They should be opening it today (or in the next couple of days after their honeymoon). Hope they enjoy it!

The baseball look

(C) David Warner StudioAnother weekend and another painting, but you would be surprised how productive you can be in the house when the temperature is hovering around zero, there is snow on the ground and another foot supposed to fall tonight! Up here in the Adirondacks, you wonder if your satellite broadband is even going to work to post your latest image! Anyway, here it is. I’m using my usual brush approach and the final image will be printed out on watercolor paper.

You know it – all the kids have it – that ‘baseball’ look. The next superstar waiting for his turn at bat. That’s what Brenan is giving me in this photo I took of him and then painted. I love it!  This is my grandson and I took the image a couple of summers ago. This coming spring, he’s graduating from high school and heading off into the Air Force in my footsteps. Hopefully, he’ll take this with him on his journey.

Avoiding the tackle

(C) David Warner StudioOnce again, another youth sports signature series painted portrait.  I love the action in this one with Logan Reed running to avoid the tackle. His mother Kimberly Reed took this shot (disclaimer – Logan is my grandson and Kimberly is my daughter!) and I loved it.

She posted it on Facebook as a low-res jpg.  I wanted to work with something that didn’t have as much detail as I’m used to getting with a high-res image to see what I could come up with. I love it and it’s going to look great printed out on watercolor paper.

(C) Kimberly ReedFor those of you who like to see the before, I’ve include that here as well.


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